Choosing between Concrete and Clay Pavers


It’s great to have choices, as in the design and material choices shown in the photo above (from When we’re beginning a construction or home improvement project, though, it’s possible to have so many choices that we have trouble getting started.  Listed below are a few things to consider—and tips to help you come to a final decision between clay and concrete pavers:

First, the “HOW TO DECIDE” tip: Create a two-column “Pros and Cons” list. Write “Clay” at the top of one column, and “Concrete” at the top of the other column. Then run through the list of considerations below and put a plus in the appropriate column as you go. Points to consider:

 COLOR–You’ll find more color options with clay pavers, so if a specific color is important to your project, put a plus sign in the “Clay” column. If it isn’t a deal-breaker, put a plus sign in the “Concrete” column. Another reason to give “Clay” a plus sign: clay pavers tend to hold color and brightness better than concrete.

DESIGN OPTIONS–Concrete pavers offer more design, pattern and size choices, so if you like lots of choices, give “Concrete” a plus sign.

PROCESS–Do you want to DIY or are you willing to pay a contractor? Concrete pavers can be installed with sand, and the process is much simpler when using sand than it is with mortar.  If you’re planning to DIY, put a plus sign in the “Concrete” column. If, for any reason, the project will require mortar, consider using a skilled contractor.

COST–Does your budget require that you keep costs as low as possible?  Put a plus sign in the “Concrete” column. There are exceptions, but because the process of making concrete pavers is less complex than making clay pavers, concrete pavers can be from 15-20% less expensive than clay.

DURABILITY–Clay pavers tend to be more durable, so if you want this project to last as long as possible, put a plus in the “Clay” column.

Still having trouble with your decision, or simply want to discuss your project with an expert? A visit to our showroom—to see samples and to speak to one of our sales representatives—can help!

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