39 Garner School Rd Somerset, KY 42502 (606) 451-8898

318 Cycle Drive, Richmond, KY 40475 (859) 625-0002


General Manager Jim Saylor

Jim has been in the masonry industry since 1978, and says he is “still learning every day.”  Jim is responsible for the company’s accounts receivable, safety and human resource programs.  “I was here when we started this business in 1999,” Jim said.  “I was the first person the Hinkle family hired when they created Hinkle Block & Masonry and built the first block plant in Somerset—a brand new state of the art production plant.  We wanted to accomplish three things: to make a quality product, give good customer service, and sell our products at a fair and competitive price.  We have met and exceeded our original goals–and we continue to accomplish all three of those objectives on a daily basis.”

Contact Jim at jim.saylor@hinkleblock.com or (606) 451-8898.

Sales Manager Martin Harrison

Sales Manager Marty Harrison has been in the masonry industry for 25 years; he has been with Hinkle Block & Masonry since 2004.  “I really enjoy working with customers to make sure they get everything they need for the job, whether its technical information, production of a special type of project, or adherence to a challenging production schedule–all with the best possible customer service,” Marty said.  “Hinkle Block & Masonry is known for its quality products, and the Hinkle Block team is known for delivering outstanding service to every customer.  That’s a reputation to be proud of.”

Contact Marty at martin.harrison@hinkleblock.com or (859) 625-0002.

President/CEO Tom Hinkle 

Hinkle Block & Masonry President/CEO Tom Hinkle is responsible for the company’s long term planning and strategic guidance. Tom has been an integral part of the Hinkle family tradition since 1978, when he joined the Board of Directors and Executive Committee for the Hinkle Contracting Corporation. Since then, Tom has served as Maintenance Division Manager (1987-1989) and Vice President of Quarry Operations (1990-2008) of the Hinkle Contracting Corporation. He has also served as Executive Vice President (2009-2012) and President/CEO (2013-Present) for the Hinkle Contracting Company. In addition to serving as Hinkle Block & Masonry President and CEO, Tom is also the current CEO of Hinkle Environmental Services, LLC.  “We are dedicated to creating repeat customers.  We take care of our customers and meet their needs by doing the job right—on time, and within budget,” Tom said.

Contact Tom Hinkle at tomhinkle@hinkleholding.com or (859) 987-4462.